May Meeting Highlights

by | May 20, 2014

The May meeting was the end of the 2013/2014 year for CHH. Our “Summer Break” from meetings will still include a lot of guild activity with a strong class schedule and weavers, spinners, felters and dyers working to produce items for the fall Sale. Here are some of the highlights from the meeting.

Show & Tell:

Diane and Pat modeled their natural dyed shirts they made at Scharine Kirchoff‘s natural dye workshop. Pat’s shirt was cotton tied and dipped in indigo dye. Diane’s shirt was silk chiffon dyed with pecan tassels (yellow) and dipped in indigo to make a light green fabric with yellow stripes.

Scharine Kirchoff showed samples of silk dyed with flowers and/or leaves and other natural items, plus rusty iron. All the dyeing was done without chemicals.

Barbara showed a sample of inkle weaving in black and white. It was created on her own for the first time.

Sidney reported on a waffle weave workshop taught by Susie Liles for Tall Pines Weavers & Spinners (photos will be in an upcoming post).

Lisa shared a felted wool collar and a silk scarf dyed with natural dyes that she made at a felting workshop.

Blaine shared his finished and framed tapestry of trees – and sent an après meeting photo of another smaller tapestry.
Amelia shared her nuno felting sample using different fabrics with different effects.


The evening’s speaker, Anne Louise Schaeffer, presented a program entitled “Eastern European Folk Costumes”.


The Minutes from the end of season May Meeting are available on the Member Side of the website.