Member Report from CHT

From new weaver Carol J. who attended the Contemporary Handweavers of Texas Conference:

CHT has definitely been worth the trip.

A real highlight was Robyn Spady‘s keynote address last night. She told great stories about her own weaving life, but her theme was how great it is to know weavers because we all “get” each other. She had everyone in the room laughing to the point of tears.

The Houston guild has been well represented – many awards. I think Connie Elliott takes the prize with three awards from the jury and one door prize at today’s luncheon. Dee Dee‘s daughter’s wedding dress was entered in the fashion show and won a 3rd (I think), but having heard so much about it I was really tickled for the chance to see it.

The workshops have been every bit as good as expected. I attended the rigid heddle one this afternoon and learned there are all kinds of things possible that I couldn’t have dreamed up on my own.

My ticket is in the pot for the Houston guild’s basket in the drawing tomorrow. It looks like a great beginner’s basket, with books, tools, and yarns.