News Bites from WOW

Fall is upon us; although I can only daydream about apple picking and falling leaves, we can still take comfort in falling back into routines. WOW bi-monthly meetings resumed in August-generally set for the 1st Thursday and 3rd Weds. of each month.

20120909-173829.jpgWe started back to school with a most informative session on Profile drafts and Block design complete with graph paper and pencil dust flying. Much thanks to our expert teacher, Tracy Kaestner for putting together a fun lesson and showing beautiful examples of her work. Lessons continue in Oct. with sett instruction by Tracy as well.

Everyone had a busy summer. The harvest is bountiful with fall show and tell:

20120909-174143.jpg  20120909-174214.jpg  20120909-174223.jpg

Lisa G.