over one, under one

by | Apr 27, 2015

Pure concentration. This young man learned to weave on a cardboard loom in a matter of minutes and carried his project around to finish it during the day. He left with a big smile.
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The CHH table all set up in the activities room of the Houston Center for Contemporary Crafts – ready for action!  We demonstrated along with about ten other guilds for the Museum Experience, Zone 2. More free events like this are scheduled at the other zones in the Museum District on several more Saturdays.
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Blaine made good progress on his tapestry loom and Marion delighted a circle of children at her spinning wheel.  She brought her hand spindle to show how the princess pricked her finger while spinning – an often asked question.

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Evidently, Jo-Ann had a “Eureka” moment while talking with Blaine about tapestry weaving.


The quilters and basket makers were there to demonstrate as well.  After the rain and storminess of the morning, we had steady crowds and a busy afternoon.  Other volunteers not pictured were Diane and Theresa (who completed a scarf on her Flip loom during the day).  CHH members who volunteered for other guilds included Louise and Mary.

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We’re always looking for volunteers for weekdays and weekends, please let VP Gerry or President Diane know if you want to get involved in community outreach.  It’s easy and fun to share your passion for weaving (or other fiber techniques) with others.