Rigid Heddle Class

From Rigid Heddle Weaving instructor D’Anne Craft: Irene L., was in my beginning rigid heddle class yesterday, and today she sent this photo of her finished table runner. She’s amazingly fast. I think she did a wonderful job for a first ever weaving project!

Irene's Table Runner
Irene’s Table Runner

The note from Irene L.: Now I am done and it’s a table runner…too wide for a scarf. I see on line that the cricket has a variable reed and a way to run another heddle which is kind of blowing my mind.
Thank you for being so open in your teaching hon. It was a great day!

Photos of the class at work:

Irene in Class
Irene in Class

Irene's Variegated Runner on Loom
Runner on Loom

Erica weaving
Erica’s Weaving

Sara's Scarf
Sara’s Scarf

Heather's Creation
Heather’s Creation

Sarah's First Handwoven Scarf
Sarah’s First Handwoven Scarf

If you are interested in the Beginning Rigid Heddle class, there is one scheduled for March 25! Go to the Classes page for it and our other current classes. Come join us, We have a lot of fun and we learn a lot too!


  1. Absolutely, we schedule one rigid heddle intro class per month alternating Saturdays and weekdays. We haven’t gotten April forward scheduled but will be doing so soon. Sign up for our e-newsletter and we will send you a monthly notice of upcoming classes. Thanks for inquiring! Tracy

    • We do have classes on Saturdays! If you were referring to the Rigid Heddle class, you just missed a Saturday one in February but I feel sure more will be scheduled in the upcoming months. I will forward your query to the Director of Guild House, but follow the website for more class offerings.

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