How in the World Did She Think of That?

by | Mar 3, 2014

By Deborah Harrison

In our March CHH program, I hope to increase your awareness of potential weaving designs found in everyday objects ever present in your environment. Design ideas are everywhere! I want to inspire you to look at simple objects and textiles with a new openness to their inspirational potential. For example, I have woven pieces using designs inspired by polymer clay buttons, tile patterns, and many other textiles.

If you have created a textile with a design or color scheme inspired by some kind of object or another textile, please bring it to share at our meeting. If possible, bring the object that inspired you as well. Tracy has warned me that I cannot bring any of my cats, even if their coloring inspired something wonderful.

Triaxial Weaving Deborah Harrison

Triaxial Weaving
Deborah Harrison

Join us March 20 at Guild House, 4617 Montrose Blvd., 6:30pm.

Note from the Webweaver: We still have some spaces available in the Triaxial Weaving class at Guild House on March 21-22. Check it out here and join us!