Rodeo Tapestry:

Detail of Rodeo Tapestry Demonstrators and members of the publicadded touches to a handwoven tapestry set up on the Guild’s Tapestry Loom at the Houston Livestock Show. Many hands worked on this, with each one adding bits that morphed into something totally different when the next weaver took over.

And Speaking of Tapestry….

Sharon with her tapestryEight students attended a Beginning Tapestry Workshop hosted by Barbara B. and taught by Gerry Woodhouse on February 21 and 22. Three students brought pre-warped frame looms, and five warped 10 x 12 inch stretcher frames with cotton warp in class to create small samplers. Using wool needlepoint and tapestry yarns, each student chose her favorite techniques to sample. On the second day tapestries were removed from looms and mounted on their stretcher frames which were covered with quilt batting and linen fabric, or they were attached to rods for hanging. Check out the Tapestry Class Mini-Album!