Rose Graham at Taos Wool Festival

And although she didn’t make the list of big names on the hand-out card, your friend and fellow CHH member, Rose Graham, is also teaching at the Taos Wool Festival this October right along with the big girls.

From Rose: On Monday October 8, I am teaching Total Immersion Continental Knitting, a day-long class to learn to carry the yarn in your left hand. Continental knitters “pick” the stitches through instead of “throwing” the yarn in a loop around the needle. Tilly taught me continental or German-style knitting, so you know it’s the real thing. Total Immersion Continental Knittng offers guidance and time to acquire the new habit, working ribbing (the big payoff for learning to purl continental), seed stitch, several increases and decreases, and finally work with two colors in two hands. Fair Isle colorwork here we come! Then we begin a little clutch to knit entirely in continental knitting, further grooving the new skill. All this and Taos in the autumn too.

Come to the Wool Festival for fiber fun, great food, wonderful hiking (hill-walking) and air that smells like heaven.