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Rep Weave on Loom

Guest post by Ginny Martin:

For 40 years I’ve wanted to weave rugs. 35 years ago I bought a tabletop rigid-heddle loom, a friend gave me an inkle loom, and I built a Navajo loom. I began learning the principles of weaving, and began spinning, using both a wheel and spindle. I also made crocheted rag rugs.

The Navajo loom lasted until my first-born tried to play it like a harp. Over the next 30 years and 6 children later I was still limited to a tabletop loom.

In the meantime I had taken a few of the older children to a handmade rug exhibit at a local art alliance. Among the beautiful rugs was a very small sample of warp-faced weave, later identified as rep weave. I was enchanted.

I planned a rep weave project but had no loom for it, and no experience in warping a large loom.

After more years, Dee Dee Woodbury offered to barter a weaving class for a knitted lace scarf. At last I could get some experience with a larger loom. After a rep weave sample project, Sharon Haley offered me a Leclerc Nilart 12-harness loom. I cleaned and polished the parts and reassembled it.

Rep Weave on Loom
Rep Weave on Loom

Over the summer I completed my first rug project, weaving three rep-weave rugs for my kitchen. I am so grateful to Dee Dee and Sharon!

Completed Rug
Completed Rug

Ginny Martin

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  1. Gorgeous rug! In retrospect, it would have been good to have gone the floor loom route and woven a rug first thing (maybe through a class or workshop)…. so you could have the satisfaction of doing what you wanted to do. But! You stuck with it and got it done beautifully! This would sell quickly at the weavers’ sale! Gerry

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