Saturday – Guild Meeting!

From Susan Antrican:

AlpacaDon’t miss the first Saturday meeting of CHH this Saturday, February 20. We’ll start with a meet & greet at 9:30 am, followed by the business meeting at 10:00.

The Rancho Inca Alpacas are the stars of the program. We will hear from the owners and get a chance to meet the animals and purchase some fiber.

12:00 to 1:00 is time to get some lunch and visit, if you are so inclined.

imageAfterwards, will be time for member activities. This week, Pat Powell is overseeing the change of inventory in the Gallery. Check in time is scheduled between 1pm and 4pm. Be thinking of ways you might take advantage of this time in the future.

Check out our Train Hints if you find yourself sitting and waiting…

See you Saturday!

Susan Antrican,President, CHH


  1. After the meeting there will also be a short volunteer orientation and a “What’s in the library” talk with guild librarian DeeDee Woodbury. You’ll be surprised by the goodies hiding in our 67 year old library.

  2. As listed in the newsletter, the after meeting talk is “what’s in the library ” where our librarian will share some hidden treasures from the library. She will also show members how to use library thing.

    There will also be a guild house sitter refresher on what to do when you are volunteering at the Guild House.

    Both the talk and training will be under an hour. Both will begin at 12:15

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