South East Asia with Tracy Kaestner

Four CHH members toured Singapore, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand and shared their experiences at the May 17 meeting. Tracy Kaestner, Laura Viada, Connie Elliott and DeeDee Woodbury spent 2 weeks touring silk textile studios, as well as eating local food and touring the cultural heritage sites, such as Ankgor Wat. They shared the following links as a handout.

Asian Civilisations Museum
Singapore Botanical Gardens
Juraong Bird Park
Peranakan Museum

Siem Reap
Artisans Angkor
Senteurs d’Angkor
Apsara Dance Theater
IKTT Institue for Khmer Traditional Textiles.

Phang Mae Gallery
Carol Cassidy

Luang Prabang
Ock Pop tok meaning East meets West

Thailand, Chiang Mia
Patricia Cheeseman–