spring round robin

Must be spring if there are robins at the Guild House!

The weaving Round Robin was great fun. Everyone agreed it was a good format for introducing new structures to beginning and intermediate weavers.

IMG_6274 small

DeeDee taught a color and weave structure; Tracy had a loom threaded for lace weave.

laura small

Laura was teaching colorful block double weave.

IMG_6272 small

Blaine’s loom was threaded in an overshot and I loved his paper counter circling the front beam.

Gerry small

Gerry taught winter and summer and brought a pile of her sample warps with many design possibilities.

I taught satin weave using a striped warp with alternating satin weave and plain weave.  I optimistically put on a ten yard warp!  So I will be weaving a lot of satin, some may get made up into items for the sale in the fall.

See you at the meeting on Thursday for the Six Weavers Who Wandered Sweden.



  1. I wish I had been around for this. I would have loved to have seen the different weaves and tried my hand at some of them. There are types of weaves that I am not sure about trying and this format would be so good to dip your foot in and try different ones and then go home and not be so scared.

  2. A participant showed off his beautiful samples! I want to take this, so many hints. I love this format of one on one.

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