Tapestry Class at Guild House

Gerry with Ruby and Raven

Gerry with Ruth and Raven
Gerry with Ruth and Raven
An enthusiastic group participated in the Tapestry class taught by Gerry Woodhouse on April 6 & 7 at Guild House. Using stretcher frames, the group learned how to warp, weave a header and work through several techniques to achieve their design goals. Then Gerry demonstrated a simple but elegant way to mount and display a tapestry. Check out the photos of student work.

Stephanie's Work in Progress
Stephanie’s – Work in Progress
Stephanie's  Tapestry for Display
Stephanie’s Tapestry for Display
Raven Tops Off Her Circle
Raven Tops Off Her Circle
Raven's Tapestry  for Display
Raven’s Tapestry for Display

Ruth's Tapestry On the Loom
Ruth’s Tapestry On the Loom
Ruth's Tapestry for Display
Ruth’s Tapestry for Display

Lou's item on Loom
Lou’s item on Loom
Lou's Item for display
Lou’s Item for display

Jacque's Tapestry
Jacque’s Tapestry
Stephanie's Show and Tell.
Stephanie’s home-grown tapestry.
Two of the class members received their class registration as gifts. What a thoughtful gift idea!

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  1. What nice photos! I love the way you photographed the pieces on the loom and again off loom. Gerry

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