Tapestry Study Group – June 2013

by | Jul 4, 2013

Gerry’s Guest Post:

imageThe Tapestry Study Group meeting of June 30 was exciting because folks have been working!

Blaine finished a tapestry. (photo rght)

Therese finished her large cartoon and has begun weaving. She brought the book by Sylvia Heyden, The Making of Modern Tapestry. Gerry is reading it now. D’Anne has James Koehler’s book this month.

Scharine has woven two Theo Moorman samples. (photos below)


Paula has progressed with her weaving on the Hockett square loom. We’ll see it soon.

Barb B. wove a tapestry with several motifs in spring colors. (photo below left) Barb is also weaving a small piece with inserts of fabric woven at the Livestock show this Spring. (photo below right)

image   image

Linda K. showed her frame loom with a sampler in progress from Kirsten Glasbrook’s tapestry weaving book.

Cathie G. joined us and showed her frame loom with a cartoon of a flower and weaving in progress. (photo below)


Gerry showed 3 small samples with cypress bark and eucalyptus leaves with various weft yarns on linen warp. (photo below)


-I missed photographing Linda’s sampler. We’ll get it next time!

We donated $56 dollars toward the purchase of the Sylvia Heyden video, “Weaving a Life.” We still need $38.00 which includes the $5. shipping. It won’t take us long to acquire it at this rate!

We decided to meet the 3rd Sunday of the month (the Website Study Group meets the 4th Sunday). This will keep us from conflicting with them. So, our next meeting will be Sunday, July 21, 2:00pm at Guild House. I’ll contact Tracy and she’ll put it on the calendar at the website.

Finally, we did a design exercise for developing weaving cartoons. We cut similar shapes from graphed designs (squares, rectangles, trapezoids and free shapes) and taped them in arrangements on 4 x 6″ sheets of paper. These can be used as cartoons for small samples. If you like one really well, you can enlarge it on a photocopier to use for a larger weaving.

Still to be determined: I’ll contact Archie Brennan to see if we can purchase the technique videos singly rather than all 8 at once.
The End.