Tapestry Study Group – June 30

The Tapestry Study Group will meet this month on June 30 at Guild House, 2:pm (Sunday). Bring questions, answers, looms, show and tell. The study group is coordinated by Gerry Woodhouse of Small Expressions fame. ;-) Remember, the outer door is locked, you may call Guild House at 713-807-0330 for entry.

Gerry's Summer Winter Inlay
Gerry’s Summer Winter Inlay

I love Gerry’s technique of combining tapestry with summer and winter inlay as she does in this terrain map of Texas.

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  1. Want a refresher on some tapestry techniques? Chris Franchetti Michaels over at Mirrix Looms is chronicling her progress with the CraftArtEdu Introduction to Tapestry Class. The newest entry is at the top, so scroll down to see the beginning. Of course, the loom used is the Mirrix, but her close-up photos and descriptions serve as a nice reminder of some of the techniques we have learned in our own tapestry classes and can apply to any loom.

    The online class she is taking is available at CraftArtEdu , the Introduction to Tapestry Class.

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