Temporary Guild Meeting Space

From Diane, our president:

Thanks to a couple of endorsements from members regarding this space, I have placed a deposit down on a meeting space at the Trini Mendenhall Community Center just north of Westview on Wirt Road. (1414 Wirt Rd.) August 21 and September 18 for 6 – 9.

NE Corner Wirt/Westview
NE Corner Wirt/Westview

We can have refreshments but no drinks with red coloring. It is a clean, newly refinished building with excellent parking and no steps anywhere. We do have to be out of the building by 9 and no sales may take place inside the building.


I will talk fast and we’ll have short business meetings to allow time for the programs Mary has planned. Set-up will be from 6 to 6:30, social time from 6:30 to 6:45 and on to the meeting after that. I guess we’ll have to put away the chairs also before we leave.

Webweaver’s Note: This notice is for the monthly guild meetings when we come back from our summer hiatus in August. The Classes will continue to meet at Guild House.


  1. It’s a wonderful meeting space! Lots of rooms, well lite, and lots and lots of parking surrounding the building. Usually they have the tables and chairs set up, but I will be there early to assist if needed. Thank you for finding this space.

  2. The garage sale goes ahead as planned at the Guild House – we are not moving all that stuff! But it is part of the reason we can’t have the August meeting there. The other mess is the reduced size of the Chelsea Market parking lot. I think Tracy told me that the building will be apartments or condos and any parking developed will be for their tenants only. Also during the construction, all available street parking will presumably be occupied by workers’ cars.
    Come to the August meeting and hear all about the BIG future plans for CHH and thank you for your concern.

  3. What about the garage sale? Thanks for at least finding us space for the next few meetings. Can anyone tell me what the construction is behind the guild hall? Are they resurfacing the lot, or building a parking garage?

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