Meeting Location Needed

by | Jul 10, 2014

Still Looking

Since the parking lot at Chelsea Market has been reduced to the size of a postage stamp, we are in need of a place for our regular Thursday night meetings. Bayou Manor is not quite ready with their construction either. The garage sale is going to be a door buster because Tracy tells me we can’t possibly meet in the Guild House even if there was enough parking due to the amount of stuff people have already donated. I am guessing it’s beginning to look like a location for the next episode of Hoarders.


So … have you some ideas for a place to meet for August, 3rd Thursday, 6:30 -10 pm. Centrally located, space and chairs for 50-70 members, with parking available. It would be nice if it was easy to find, well lit and decorated in shades of green. Hmm, we could probably compromise on some of those criteria. Email or call me with any suggestions you have. Diane (