Texas Independence Day, Washington on the Brazos

CHH received this invitation from Park Ranger Scott McMahon with Washington on the Brazos:

I would like to formally invite your organization to attend the 2009 Texas Independence Day Celebration at Washington on the Brazos SHS in Washington, Texas. TIDC is an annual event celebrating Texas’ declaration of independence from Mexico her in Washington on March 2nd, 1836. As a part of the celebration we encourage groups and organizations who carry on the crafts and traditions of the 19th century from musicians to artisans. Along with the craft demonstrations we host guest speakers ranging from Texas historians to politicians who speak on a variety of topics dealing with Texas and Texans.

If your organization is interested we welcome you to attend. This years date is February 28th and March 1st. I am attaching a registration form but encourage you to email or call me at 936 878-2214 ext. 224 with any questions or concerns you might have. I look forward to hearing from you and hope your organization is interested in participating in our annual Texas Independence Day Celebration!

Contact Scott McMahon, Park Ranger IV at Washington on the Brazos SP. [email protected] or call 936 878-2214 ext. 224. Be sure to also let Connie know if you will be participating. Ranger McMahon provided a registration form but you can contact him directly via email or phone.