Textiles & Tea

by | Sep 3, 2021

September 14 2021: William Storms
“Storms is still on a mission to discovering his formula.”
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William Storms is a mathematically driven craftsman who moonlights as a Hand Weaver and daylights as a full-time Jacquard Designer for Crypton Fabric’s recently acquired Mill in NC. His handwoven work is an ongoing effort to produce three-dimensionality, in a traditionally two-dimensional world. Combining collapse weave structures with pliable soft metals and Passementrie techniques, Storms is still on a mission to discovering his formula.

The Handweavers Guild of America, Inc.’s (HGA) exciting new program for 2021, Textiles & Tea, takes place every Tuesday at 4 PM (ET). We’ve invited some of the most respected fiber artists in the field today to join us for an hour long conversation where we will discuss their artwork and their creative journey. Make a cup of your favorite tea and join us as we talk about fiber, creativity, inspiration, process and so much more.