That’s a Wrap!

by | Nov 17, 2015

From Diane:

We took our new traveling sign out for a test drive on Saturday to the Houston Mini Maker Faire at George R. Brown Convention Center. People took photos of it! Hooray, now they have our name, our phone number and our website recorded. We gave out a lot of business cards, too, with the same information plus the address of the Guild House.


The Faire was a great success.  I think they probably met their attendance goals and things went fairly smoothly as far as we were concerned.  We parked inside the hall to unload just two feet away from our booth space and we were able to pack up just as easily.  We only had to wait ten minutes after closing time for the plane to fold its wings so we could drive away down the exit ramp.  Yup, that’s right, there was a plane in the exhibit area as well as an 18 wheeler from HP named Sprout and a school bus pimped out as a maker space with lots of things to do and make inside.  Robots running around and 3D printers and Legos everywhere.  Then of course, there was the art car parked beside us with a pod of lobsters glued to it all flapping their claws in time to the music from the car sound system – the loop included The Age of Aquarius and the Hallelujah Chorus!  Something for everyone.


But we were there to demonstrate weaving and encourage the next generation of weavers.   They lined up at our tables and wove bookmarks and bracelets.  It was interesting to see that most of them wore and wove with their favorite colors.  We do love that variegated yarn as it makes it fun to weave stripes without changing yarn!


Next time – and we certainly hope we get to do this again next year – we will ask for an even bigger booth near the front of the hall and more helpers and… and… maybe add lights to shafts on the floor loom that flash when they are raised and … and … play a Souza march while we weave in 4/4 time. Please join us – it’ll be fun!

Thanks to Blaine, Mary, Theresa, Ann and my granddaughter for coming out to help with the demonstrations at the booth.  We had a Wolf Pup, a table loom, a tapestry loom, an table inkle and the floor style inkle loom as well as a lot of finished items and of course, our wonderful new sign.