The Dream Rocket Project

Dream Rocket Project

Dream Rocket Project

DeeDee Woodbury sent this in with the comment that Houston should be represented in this space related project!

In 2009, the IFC launched its current project, the Dream Rocket project is a large scale collaborative wrap. Up to 8,000 artworks will be created by individuals from various regions of the world, and then connected side by side to wrap the 365 foot Saturn V Moon Rocket at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

The designated theme of the panels, “Dare to Dream”, challenges individuals to expand beyond the present state of the world and imagine the future. Perhaps most importantly, individuals are challenged to imagine their contribution to that future. These individual dreams & aspirations will combine to create a monumental 32,000 sq ft work art, providing a tangible demonstration of the beauty of individuals collaborating to meet universal challenges.

The creation of the panels has been a catalyst for creativity in health care facilities, libraries, schools, museums, and for individuals. While the Dream Rocket team works on collecting submitted artworks for this giant wrap, they are placing submitted artworks on display in national & international venues up until the time that the Saturn V is wrapped. In just this past year, submitted artworks have or will participate in 42 exhibits and counting.

Saturn V Rocket Wrapping Date: May & June 2014 (60 day display)

For more information and instructions on how to participate, explore the Dream Rocket Project Website.