Tip from Quilter’s Toolbox

Weaving student and member Annie shared a tool used by quilters. Tiger Tape is a reusable measuring tape with quarter inch marks. Just use a pen to indicate the length of hems or a pattern repeat.  Super helpful if you are trying to weave multiple items exactly the same size or for matching seams in two panels if you have a narrow loom.

If you have a tip that has saved time or materials, please share via an email to weavehouston@gmail.com – a photo is, as they say, worth a thousand words.


  1. In these pictures Annie is demonstrating the adhesive quality of the tape, she actually uses it at the loom.

  2. The original use for Tiger Tape that I still use every day is for quilting. When quilting straight lines, they act as a straightedge, plus you can gauge your number of stitches per inch. 15 spi is museum quality, 6 spi will still look lovely. Generally the number itself isn’t important, but just as in weaving, it’s consistency you want for a better appearance and stronger result.

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