Volunteer Request

Please let Diane know if you can cover this volunteer request (she has the contact information):

I am teaching a summer camp class on weaving for DECATS, a gift and talented summer camp affiliated with the catholic diocese.

The students are ages 9-12 (4-7 grade). I would like a speaker to demonstrate or teach a form of weaving. We are doing cardboard looms so someone who could come and demonstrate and get the students started would be great. I have the supplies.

The best day would be June 22 or 23 and the time would be 1-2 pm at strake Jesuit on Bellaire.

I know this is not a lot of lead time but having a guild member would be an asset to the class.


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  1. Thank you, Lou, for posting this – our web presence provides us the opportunity to interact with the community and teach our skills to others – part of the guild mission statement.
    I hope to hear quickly that someone can take on this opportunity!

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