Weaving and Algorithms

An interesting read suggested by Lou.  Always love connecting daily life with technology.  Weaving and computers.  On the other hand, not only is there the unending “art or craft” argument, there’s the “maker or crafter” discussion brought up in this article.  We demonstrate at the Maker Faire, but they categorize the guild booth with crafters.  Where do you stand?  Or do you just keep on treadling?

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  1. Thought provoking: what we do, what we use, who we are. Weaving, spinning, dyeing, quilting, crochet, lace-making, embroidery, appliqué, beading. Drop spindle, spinning wheel, floor loom, table loom, Inkle loom, band loom, hooks, needles, sewing machine. Mathematician, artist, craftsman. Our fingers itch to feel texture and we live deep in color. We see designs in everything.

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