Web Wanderings

Planning to stay inside and on your computer during the cold spell? Check out these websites:

Welcome to the third international weaving course at Vesaas Farm Weaving Studio/ Mjonøy Handcraft and Cultural Center in Vinje, Telemark. Weave with Norwegian master weavers Eli Vesaas and Ingebjørg Vaagen on a working farm in the Telemark mountains. Each participant weaves fine Spelsau yarn into vadmel cloth during the first week. We full the cloth at a reconstructed water-powered fulling mill on the weekend, and we cut and sew custom designed garments inspired by Norwegian traditions during the second week. Check out the Venue.

Closer to home, check out Weaving Southwest.

Too close to home? Ok, check out this site for international historical textiles: Textile as Art. Hat tip to DeeDee for that one!

You probably all read Weavezine but DeeDee’s eagle eye points out their Events Calendar feature.