WordPress Web Weavers Study Group

inspired by our great panel at the January 19 meeting (Lynn, Diane, Tracy and Scharine), some of our CHH Members are starting a WordPress study group with a goal of creating their own website. The Webweaver will be revising the member site using WordPress and this is an ideal time for a group to learn together how to create an effective and relatively easy to maintain website hosted either at WordPress.com or on your own domain. We will all work on our individual projects in a study group environment, learning and solving problems together. We hope to have our initial planning meeting soon, so if you are interested, send the webweaver an email at [email protected] or at her personal email address from the directory. Join the WordPress Web Weavers (WWW) Study Group and produce a website to show off your handmade creations! Diane showed some super books that can be created from your blog. She talks more about them on her Sooner or Later blog.