Workshop news for 2010-2011

The October workshop is in the works and the details will be out very soon

Mark your January 2011 calendar

  • Dyeing Without a Dyepot: Disperse Dyes
  • January 21, 22, and 23, 2011
  • Holly Brackman, Surface Design Artist

Dyeing Without A Dyepot uses disperse dyes, which are used to dye synthetics including polyester, nylon, acrylic, and acetate rayon. A process unique to disperse dyes is dye transfer printing — you apply thin or thickened dye to smooth, nonabsorbent, plain paper such as copy, drawing, or watercolor paper, allow it to dry, and then transfer the image to the fabric by heating with an iron. The design on the paper goes as a gas from the paper into the fabric and is the reverse of the resulting image on the fabric. Several prints can be made from each piece of paper. Disperse dyes are lightfast, washfast, and produce strong hues. Wax transfer fabric crayons made from disperse dye and wax can also be used for transfer printing.

More details to follow, in the meantime check out Holly’s web page.