Workshop News from C. Kolb

by | Apr 27, 2008

Workshop News from C. Kolb, Workshop Chair

More information available on the Workshops Page

Message from C. Kolb: There a couple of other workshop details I would like everyone to think about and hopefully will e-mail me regarding each item.

  1. Workshop Hosts: It is never to early to commit to hosting one of the workshop leaders. If you have a guest room and would like to be a host please let me know.
  2. Sites for the workshops: At this time we have three great sites for workshops. The Upstairs Studio, Laporte, The Lone Star Loom Room, Katy and the Community center in the Williamsburg subdivision, Katy. A central one would be great, yet we have not had any luck in finding one, if anyone knows of a spot please let me know. The issue that always comes up is that at least one of the locations is a problem for some folks to get to. I would hope that someone is not going to take a workshop because of the location. What I would like is some input on this subject so that most people will be satisfied with the locations.