CHH Library

Clarice shares this information about the CHH Guild Library:

Book Cover Bauhaus TextilesThere are a lot of books that were checked over the summer. The policy of the Library is to check out books for one month. The Summer was 2 months and now we are into the month of September. When we do not return books we are preventing others from being able to check out those books. So please look them up and return them at the next meeting. We are so lucky to have this resource for our weaving projects. I will bring books that you request via email or by calling to the next available meeting. Then I will pick up books at the next meeting. If you think we are too far to come to visit the Library, then think again. We are 20 minutes from the Galleria, as long as there are no accidents. We have set it up to be comfortable as you browse, or sit and read books that are not available for check out, like Reference books. We will also copy articles, if they are not copyrighted.

Books added to the CHH Library, donated by Clarice Shanks. The links are to the book details on the CHH Library Thing catalog.