CHH Winners at CHT

Scharine Kirchoff
Ikat Blouse

Several CHH’ers were winners in the Member Exhibit and in the Fashion Show

Here are our winners:

Best in Show

Scharine Kirchoff Ikat Blouse
Scharine Kirchoff

Ryukyu Kasuri (double ikat) Shirt
also 1st Wearable Garments

1st Functional Handwoven

Tracy Kaestner Table Runner
Tracy Kaestner
Table Runner

Complex Weavers Award

Charlene Kolb "Sorbet" Jacket
Charlene Kolb

“Sorbet” Jacket

The Complex Weavers award is given for excellence in complex weaving. The recipient receives a certificate of merit and a special ribbon at shows and exhibits featuring hand-woven items. The Award will focus on excellence in weaving with specific application of a threading draft or structure to achieve a complex interlacement of threads and fibers beyond plain weave. There is no requirement that the pieces must be woven on a designated number of shafts or on a multiple shaft loom.

People’s Choice Award

Charlene Kolb "Autumn Leaves" Jacket
Charlene Kolb
“Autumn Leaves” Jacket
also 2nd Wearable Garments

The People’s Choice award is voted on by conference attendees. (Weavers peer group!)

Spinning: 1st Handspun Skein

Scharine Kirchoff Handspun Skein
Scharine Kirchoff
Handspun Skein

Spinning: 2nd Handspun Skein

Connie Elliott Handspun Skein
Connie Elliott
Handspun Skein

More CHH Members in CHT Member Exhibit:

Gerry Woodhouse

Gerry Woodhouse Scarf
Gerry Woodhouse Scarf
Gerry Woodhouse Texas Terrain
Gerry Woodhouse
Texas Terrain

Charlene Kolb

Charlene's Coat
Charlene’s Coat

DeeDee Woodbury

DeeDee's Scarf
DeeDee’s Scarf
DeeDee's "Teak" Pillow
DeeDee’s “Teak” Pillow

Barbara Esterholm

Barbara Esterholm  Scarf Detail Spring View
Barbara Esterholm
Scarf Detail
Spring View
Scarf #2 Detail
Scarf #2

Tracy Kaestner

Tracy Kaestner's Towels
Tracy Kaestner’s

Photos courtesy of our own Gerry Woodhouse and of Chrisitne Miller, the maker of the photo CD from the conference.


  1. Congratulations to all the extremely talented CHH winners and entrants in the CHT exhibits! Once again our members created absolutely beautiful works of art. We are so proud of all of you!

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