WOW June Report

WOW May Luncheon

Greetings from the WOW weavers. My what a busy year it’s been with lots of busy hands in our group. It was a full turnout for the annual May luncheon once again at 3 Olives in Katy. Everyone enjoyed the food, chatting, and lots of show and tell.

WOW May Luncheon
WOW May Luncheon

We assembled a lovely kitchen basket for the CHT conference filled with handwoven towels, kitchen gadgets, and food.

WOW Basket for CHT
WOW Basket for CHT

Many of our members enjoyed a unique field trip to Yarnorama in Paige, Tx to learn Inkle warping and weaving. We had a follow-up class back home to continue the practice. Maybe we’ll see lots of belts at the fall sale this year!

Barbara's Crackle Sampler
Barbara’s Crackle Sampler
Tracy's Towel
Tracy’s Towel
Gerry's Summer Winter Inlay
Gerry’s Summer Winter Inlay
Karen's Inkle Band Rug
Karen’s Inkle Band Rug

We also had a presentation from Scharine sharing her Ryukyu heritage of weaving and dyeing.

Scharine in Komono
Scharine in Komono
Scharine's Ikat Weaving
Scharine’s Ikat Weaving

We plan to continue to meet a couple times this summer at the Cinco Ranch Library tentatively on July 11th and August 1st at 10:00am if you’d like to join us. Have a wonderful summer.

Lisa Garver reporting.


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