CHT 2011 Conference Awards

Members’ Exhibit

Category: Fashion Accessories
1st: Silk Kumihimo Neckpiece — Pat Powell (CHH)
2nd: Poke-a-Dot Scarf — Connie Elliott (CHH)
3rd: Spirits of the West Wind Shawl – Roseanne White (SAHG)

Category: Three-Dimensional
1st: Loom Music – Margaret Humphries (FWWG)
2nd: Hymnal – Carolyn Vukelich (CHH)
3rd: Can You Resist? – Colette Durban

Category: Functional/Household
1st: Supplementary Warp Hanging – Barb Nelson (FWWG)
2nd: Skillbragd or Threaded Oppharnta – Charlotte Allison
3rd: Black and White Plus Red Towels – DeeDee Woodbury (CHH)

Category: Art Concept
1st: Big Bend Post Office – Gerry Woodhouse (CHH)
2nd: Neither Fish Nor – Diane Whitney (SAHG)
3rd: Stormy Sunset – Helen Dewolf (BSWG)

Category: Handspun Skeins
1st: Sunny Slubs – Connie Elliott (CHH)
2nd: Lantana & Tangerine – Nancy Summers (SAHG)
3rd: Autumn Spiral – Connie Elliott (CHH)

Fashion Awards

Category: Fashion Accessories
1st: Cully Chasselas – Lynn Smetko (FWWG)
2nd: Inti Shawl – Eileen Thompson (WSSA)
3rd: Irises in the Moonlight – Nancy Chronister (SAHG)

Charlene's Entry

Category: Handwoven Garment
1st: Girl Friday – Charlene Kolb (CHH)
2nd: Dyeing to Weave – Linda Creagh
3rd: Sara’s Dress – DeeDee Woodbury (CHH)

Category: Judges Award
Big Bend Post Office – Gerry Woodhouse (CHH)
Sunny Slubs – Connie Elliott (CHH)

Best of Conference Award: Girl Friday – Charlene Kolb (CHH)

Complex Weavers Award: Cully Chasselas – Lynn Smetko (FWWG)

Members’ Choice Award: Loom Music – Margaret Humphries (FWWG)

Conference Theme: Flight of Fancy – Gerry Woodhouse (CHH)