Sewing Your Handwoven Fabric – CHH Workshop

January, 2012 Workshop
Liz Spear workshop presenter

This is a fantastic workshop for all the weaver’s that have looked at their weaving and said “this would make a drop dead garment”. It is also for the weaver that sews and now wants to step it up a notch with some hands on instruction. Liz will guide you through the entire process, starting with selecting fibers, weave structure, and pattern selection.

You will come to the workshop with your fabric, pattern, and sewing machine.

  • Dates: Friday-Sunday January 20-22, 2012
  • Cost: $180.00
  • Deposit: $90.00
  • Where: TBA

If you are interested in the workshop please let Charlene know by September 1st, no deposit required. You will have to commit by October 1st when I will start taking deposits. This time schedule should give everyone time to weave their fabric and select a pattern.

The following is from Liz with more information that can be sent to you or you can get it at the Aug. meeting. In Liz’s own words

The Introduction:

I’m a facilitator, come to help you to sew your hard-won, handwoven fabric into a garment or wearable accessory that YOU want to wear, using the pattern and style of your choice. I’ve been a full-time weaver since 1995, tho’ I learned to weave in the mid-70’s, at Winona State and St.Cloud State Universities, back in Minnesota. I moved to western North Carolina in 1992, to attend Haywood Community College, with Catharine Ellis, and finally figured out that I wanted to weave yardage. Rather than try to make a living selling handwoven fabrics, I decided to spend half my time cutting and sewing my cloth into garments, utilizing an even earlier set of sewing skills, from the 60’s. Over these very interesting dozen years, I’ve woven over 2500 yards of fabric, and made over a thousand coats, jackets, and shirts, as well as vests, hats, and pieced garments from my copious quantities of scraps: 9 crates and mounting. This past year, I’ve also sewn several garments of my own design, using other weavers’ fabrics, ranging from a lovely waffle weave in wool, to some cotton cloth woven on a draw loom, to woven shibori wool/cotton, in shadow weave. My own fabrics are 24 epi twills in cotton and rayon, and rag fabrics.

The Workshop:

I plan to come prepared to demonstrate MY techniques and habits for cutting, handling, and sewing handwoven fabric, using one of my patterns, with which I’m very familiar. I’ll be bringing my favorite machines, tools and materials and supplies, and will provide resource sheets, as a part of this instruction. Following, I will discuss your Fabric, your Pattern, your Equipment and Tools, your Supplies. These discussions will be based on my personal experience, and are not to be taken as THE ONLY WAY TO DO IT. NOT. I certainly have my pet peeves, and will voice them, occasionally in CAPS, tho’ even my pet peeves are not definitive pieces of information. I tell a lot of illustrative stories, and welcome them, tho’ I’ll warn you now, I’m going to be aware of our short time together, and will plan on talking as concisely as I can, whether doing a demo, or addressing individual problems.

Please call or e-mail Charlene with any questions you may have, if she can’t answer them she will refer you to Liz.
Charlene Kolb
[email protected]