It’s Going to be an Exciting Workshop Year!

Kasuri Ikat Weaving with Beth Ross Johnson

Kasuri is the Japanese word for textiles that have been resist tied, dyed and handwoven to create motifs in the fabric. Handweavers will arrive at this workshop with pre-warped looms. We will learn how to prepare, resist tie and dye skeins in indigo and fiber reactive dyes. Workshop participants will weave (sample) several weft Kasuri motifs followed by planning and weaving our own piece. There will be demonstrations of Japanese warping, Sakiori (use of fabric scraps) and figurative ikat (e-gasuri) techniques during the workshop. Slideshows will include examples of ikat fabrics and Japanese folk textiles.

Dates: October 19-21, 2012

Cost: $125.00/student + $10.00 supply fee

Deposit: 50% ($62.50) to secure your space*

Beth Ross Johnson, Nagano Summer

Introduction to Katazome with John Marshall

Katazome is an ancient Japanese method of dyeing fabrics using a resist paste applied through a hand-cut stencil. This introductory workshop will include instructions on how to cut stencils and make our own natural dyes and resist paste. We will be guided through the process of dyeing silk utilizing pre-cut stencils handmade from mulberry paper. Antique and contemporary samples will be presented during the workshop to help participants understand the history and development of this versatile surface design process.

Dates: January 18-20, 2013

Cost: $250.00/student + TBD supply fee

Deposit: 50% ($125.00) to secure your space* (note – there are 2 remaining spaces available for this workshop, so sign up now and join the fun!)

John Marshall, San Francisco as Seen through a Summer Fog

*Note: CHH workshop deposits are forfeited (non-refundable) unless there is someone to take your place in the workshop. But it’s sooo much more fun when you can attend :o)

Questions? Contact Scharine Kirchoff, CHH Workshop Chairperson at [email protected]