Discover Color Weave-Along

by | Oct 13, 2020

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Discover Color Weave-Along
October 24 – November 14

We are so excited to collaborate on this exciting three week weave-along and provide you with a community platform to…

  • Blow your mind with color knowledge. You’ll walk away understanding the fundamentals of color, explained in a way you’ve never experienced before. This highly educational weave-along will finally demystify color and ignite future creations you didn’t realize were possible. No More Muddy Results!
  • Connect with fellow weavers. This is the ultimate way to feel a sense of community, learn from other passionate weavers, and find inspiration in the beautiful creations shared each day inside our online group. You’ll feel welcomed, encouraged, and peaceful, while your creativity takes the front seat.
  • Weave a set of beautiful mug rugs. We will guide you from start to finish on a beautiful set of mug rugs – with a 100% focus on color discovery. You’ll learn how to mix colors, choose tabby and pattern weft colors to create beautiful overshot designs, and design stripe patterns.

We’re all hyper-aware of the distractions and responsibilities of today’s new world – that’s why we’ve provided a stand-out community to encourage creativity, connection, education, and the chance to have a little FUN and lose yourself in the excitement of color! We guarantee this Weave-Along will be a bright spot of your month!

Who are “we”?

Hi! I’m Tien Chiu.I’m obsessed with color.

I’ve spent countless hours poring over color theory and weaving books, then woven hundreds of swatches and dyed over 2500 yarn samples in my quest to understand color in weaving.

I’ve had my work in museum collections and featured on the cover of Handwoven; now my life’s goal is to give back to the weaving community, teaching others how to perfect weaving with color.

I’ve demystified color for over four thousand weavers already, and am looking forward to teaching you, too! (Also, I love cats!)

And I’m Janet Dawson! I’m a weaver and a teacher, a writer and an editor.

I’m good at math and patterns and also really good with words. According to the thousands of people I’ve taught both in person and in my online Floor Loom Weaving class on Craftsy, this combination is my superpower: I not only get this stuff, I explain it well and write about it clearly.

Great news, as helping others understand and enjoy all the parts of weaving – project planning and loom prep as well throwing the shuttle – is my favourite part of the whole business. (And I love cats more than Tien does!)

After having over 3,000 weavers enjoy our spring weave-along, we are thrilled to welcome you to the brand-new FALL Weave-Along! The breakthroughs and connections you’ll make will help motivate, empower, and improve your relationship with color…

And we’re so excited to invite you to experience it for yourself!

In this free weave-along, you’ll get a mix of live demos, prerecorded lessons, interactive exercises, and live Q&A sessions, where you’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals of designing beautiful cloth with a rule-set that finally makes sense
  • Why your colors mix into mud and the exact formula to solve the curse
  • How to choose colors and make sure your pattern shows
  • The role of the draft in color mixing and how to choose colors for bright or muted cloth
  • How to design with simple stripes that produce beautiful results

“Thank you so much, Tien and Janet. This Weave-Along has been a blast and oh the things I have learned. And sharing the journey with others has been inspirational and encouraging. What a treasure trove of creative juices flowing!”

– Robin LaBar, Spring Weave-Along

Discover Color Weave-Along
October 24 – November 14

Cost: $0!