Dyeing to Know

by | Jun 26, 2014

The webweaver observed a peiod of great anticipation on a couple of CHH member blogs as Pat Powell Designs and Sooner or Later recounted attendance at the Magic of Organic Dyeing Workshop and then waiting a month! to see the result of some of their Eco dye bundles.

I asked workshop leader Scharine Kirchoff to send some photos from her workshop and she provided this background and several photos. [Webweaver’s note: This was an outside workshop, not a CHH event.]

“The workshop, Magic of Organic Dyeing was an overview of organic dyeing techniques including eco-dyeing, eco-printing, and fermentation dyeing. We had a lot of fun creating beautiful eco-bundles and hand-dyed cloth!”

Check out Scharine’s gallery of photos then check the blog links below for details from two participants.
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Enjoy the sagas:
Sooner or Later:

Pat Powell Designs