Dyeing to Know

The webweaver observed a peiod of great anticipation on a couple of CHH member blogs as Pat Powell Designs and Sooner or Later recounted attendance at the Magic of Organic Dyeing Workshop and then waiting a month! to see the result of some of their Eco dye bundles.

I asked workshop leader Scharine Kirchoff to send some photos from her workshop and she provided this background and several photos. [Webweaver’s note: This was an outside workshop, not a CHH event.]

“The workshop, Magic of Organic Dyeing was an overview of organic dyeing techniques including eco-dyeing, eco-printing, and fermentation dyeing. We had a lot of fun creating beautiful eco-bundles and hand-dyed cloth!”

Check out Scharine’s gallery of photos then check the blog links below for details from two participants.
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Enjoy the sagas:
Sooner or Later:

Pat Powell Designs

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  1. Eco dyeing seems to be coming into its own now, with more care to achieve designed patterns rather than random color areas.
    Bravo! Looks like messy fun that yields lovely results.

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