Diane Ferguson and Embroidery

by | Apr 27, 2022

A collection of embroideries is on display at the Guild House during the month of May.  In a variety of styles, Diane Ferguson’s work covers the last couple of decades of almost daily stitching.  She uses backgrounds like …

  • handwoven fabric,
  • digitally printed images on fabric,
  • deconstructed screen printed fabric,
  • fabric dyed with fiber reactive dyes,
  • eco printed fabric,
  • fabric scrap collages,
  • wool felted balls,
  • indigo dyed cloth,
  • weird stuff.

She rarely uses an embroidery hoop, preferring to hold the cloth in her hands as she stitches. Threads and yarns are selected for their color and size – sometimes cotton, sometimes silk.  Dyed samples from long-ago dye workshops (both with natural and fiber reactive dyes) are favorites.

She follows the Pintangle.com blog and has participated in the “Take a Stitch Tuesday” (also known as TAST) challenge for many years. Several of the pieces exhibited are the result of those challenges. The earliest one is the long green one in the bookcase. Diane is also a member of the Stitch Club, organized by TextileArtist.org, a community of 60,000 artists.  The fabric collage pieces on the wall are examples from tutorials there.

Labels will be installed soon; in the meantime, if you have questions, feel free to email her via this website: weavehouston@gmail.com

If you would like to display your work or your collection of textile pieces, contact DeeDee W to see if there are openings in upcoming months.  Note that space is limited in the first room of the Guild House.