Handwoven Fibers – Depth and Perspective

by | Aug 24, 2013

From Scharine Kirchoff, CHH Program Chair:

Brenda Schloesser is a full-time Houston-based studio artist. The emphasis of Brenda’s work is surface design on fiber. Brenda has been working with fiber as a studio artist for over 30 years.

Brenda Schloesser

Brenda’s work reflects the journey of life, the path we have all traveled, always changing and evolving. Her art is full of surprises that spark the optimistic emotion in people.

On September 19, Brenda will serve as the CHH guest speaker. During the CHH program, she will show the progression of her artwork using different fiber techniques over the years including the use of handwoven fibers to emphasize depth and perspective in her mosaic work.