Nuno Felted Silk Workshop

by | Aug 21, 2013

Guest post from Nadia Khan:

Create Nuno Felted Handpainted Silks with Nadia Khan and Barbara Kile

Niño Felted Silk Barbara Kile and  Nadia Khan

Nuno Felted Silk
Barbara Kile and
Nadia Khan

Two different fiber methods will be combined for this workshop to create nuno felted fabric using wool fibers and handpainted silks. Using French silk dyes, participants will explore different techniques to achieve color, texture, and pattern on silk fabric. Methods for preparing and stretching silk for painting and the steam-setting process for fixing the dyes will be demonstrated. The painted silks will be the base fabric in the nuno felting process.

Nuno felting – felting into the weave of the silk will be used to create a lightweight silk and wool blend fabric. Wool fibers will be layered on the painted silk, and after completing the felting and fulling process, nuno felt samples and fabric will be created. The resulting fabric is lightweight; drapes well and can be used in warmer climates.

Students can create abstract pieces or realistic pieces using silk painting and nuno-felting techniques. No matter what experience you have with fiber arts, you will create multiple pieces during the workshop. No drawing experience is required to create beautiful nuno-felted silks.

2-Day Workshop
Monday, Sep 16 & Monday, Sep 23, 2013
9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Location: Art Supply on Main St., Houston

All materials and supplies will be provided. The fee for the workshop is $200.

Contact Barbara Kile at or Nadia Khan at to register or for additional information.