I Stabilized My Spools When Winding

by | Dec 1, 2022

Guest post from CHH member Ginny Martin

I am very happy with some alterations I made to me spool rack so the yarn flows freely to my warping board. 

I found a wonderful way to keep the spools on my spool rack from sliding on the wires and getting wrapped around the axle (literally) while winding my warp. I took some of my wooden thread spools (empty of thread and saved in a jar) and sliced each in half with a Japanese pull saw with tiny teeth. (Tiny teeth means a smooth cut and little wood lost).

The flat side of each spool (usually with a paper label) is against each side of the spool so they roll easily, and the cut end (sanded just a bit) against the side rails of my spool rack. That leaves only a small amount of room for the spools to slide sideways. 

The second alteration was that I put screw eyes at the top center of each section of my spool rack (mine has 4 rows), facing sideways, and added a bigger one in the center of my rack on top. That way I can feed up to four colors at once; each end is collected through the screw eye just above it, and then together through the center eye and to my warping board. This way each spool is drawn straight up, and the spools don’t slide from side to side. It really WORKS!

My warping board is mounted on the side of my loom and I get the perfect height to wind by sitting in a child’s chair. It makes me want to sing: 

“In my own little corner, in my own little room, I can be whatever I want to be.”