Spotlight on Ukrainian Psyanky

by | May 18, 2023

CHH Member, Dottie Williams, has been honored for her artwork and demonstrating at the Ukrainian embassy. The article below is by Jacob Evans.

The Consul General of Ukraine has awarded our very own Dottie Williams a Certificate of Appreciation for her dedication to the ancient Ukrainian art of Easter Egg decorating. This art form is called Pysanky and involves carefully applying layers of heated wax and dye to eggs in order to create intricate patterns. Each symbol and color holds special meaning, from horses to ribbons to crosses, many rooted in Christian tradition.

Dottie is a veritable expert on this art and diligently keeps this Ukrainian tradition alive. She has been fascinated by these eggs ever since a classmate brought one to school in the second grade. She spent over 50 years learning and perfecting the craft. Dottie has made thousands of eggs, spent even more time, and presented them everywhere from art festivals to bazaars to schools. She works with standard chicken eggs, but has also used quail, duck, and even ostrich eggs. When she’s not decorating eggs, Dottie is probably working on another craft such as weaving or rug hooking.

Congratulations, Dottie!

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