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We are saddened by news of the death of Dafna Lotan, shown here in happier times with her late husband.  She was a common sight at the Guild House Commerce location as she often rented a large loom and was seen weaving quietly but steadily away.


  1. The first time I met Dafna, she was conversing with Ruth in Hebrew and it was also the 1st time I heard spoken Hebrew. Dafna, was indeed a wonderful person at heart and she will be missed a lot.

  2. These past few days were so painful but seeing her photo from her happier days just made it so real; Dafna is not coming back to the guild!! No more classical music from her iphone, no more cheesecake for our events and no more jumping to help others when needed. She was such a good friend of mine and I’ll miss her dearly!

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