New Weavers

by | Jun 22, 2014

From Tracy:

We’ve had an exciting few weeks at the Guild House with 11 beginners, 5 taking the 5 week Saturday Floor Loom class and 6 in the 4 consecutive day – Intensive Beginning Weaving Class.

Intensive Beginning Weaving Class

Intensive Beginning Weaving Class

I warped up the Spring loom with a color gamp so all of them could try their hand at a color gamp without having to warp the loom. This has been an exciting group because it didn’t fit our normal demographics – we have 2 men, 2 young ladies (18 and 21) and 2 college professors, who are also a Mom/Daughter duo. It was fun to have such an interesting group to teach!
Jorge after completing his color gamp

Jorge Completes His Color Gamp