Swatch Swap 2015 – Literary Threads

by | Jan 26, 2015

ALERT: Sign Up deadline is February 1!


Are you ready for a fun, no stress learning activity to start the New Year? CHH members are invited to participate in Swatch Swap 2015. The topic, decided by last year’s participants, is “Literary Threads”. The rules are simple, and here’s how it works.

1. Participants will weave yardage to interpret a book, a poem, an article – anything literary really. This is a very open topic! Then cut your yardage into 4 to 6 inch squares, one per participant plus 2 extras (example: if there are 12 participants, you will make 14 squares.). The choice of structure, color and fiber are up to you.

2. Make a draft of your structure and a swatch sheet. The blank copies will be provided to you at a later date. Send your copy to D’Anne Craft via email or snail mail by April 1, 2015.

Swatch and Draft Pages  from Previous Swap

Swatch and Draft Pages from Previous Swap

3. The fee to participate is $7 which covers the copying of each person’s draft and swatch sheet. Give $7 in cash or make a check out to D’Anne Craft.
4. Each participant will receive a copy of every participant’s draft and each person’s swatch at an exchange party. You will put together a notebook with all the drafts and swatches.
5. The deadline for signing up for Swatch Swap 2015 is February 1, 2015. The Swatch Swap Exchange will take place on April 12, 2015, so you have lots of time to weave.

We hope you will join us. It’s always fun to see how each person interprets the topic, and every participant goes home with a notebook full of swatches and drafts.

Questions: contact D’Anne Craft, Swap Swatch Coordinator
(Contact information is available in the Member Durectory)