Tapestry Study Group – April Meeting

by | Apr 22, 2013

Paula's Tapestry

Paula’s Tapestry

Gerry Woodhouse shared her report on her study group. The Tapestry Study Group met Sunday, April 21 at Guild House and shared show and tell as follows:

We were delighted to welcome Kate Weinheimer, who told us about Boundweave adventures and of attending a workshop in Houston a number of years ago with Theo Moorman, who developed a method of tapestry-like inlay weaving by use of a second beam with more warp yarns, as well as more weft yarns to minimize uneven tension between inlay and background areas. In fact, the structure consists of a ground warp and ground weft as well as fine tie-down warps. Quite a complex structure. Since I have a copy of Moorman’s “Weaving as an Art Form,” I read Chapter 2 about the technique this morning.

Meanwhile, Kate is thinking she may try some tapestry.

Blaine brought three of his tapestries and we all voted for our favorites. I regret that I did not photograph them. Does someone have photos (Blaine?).

Paula's Frame Loom

Paula’s Frame Loom

Paula brought her new frame loom that she had custom made by Hokett Would Work. A photo is attached of the square frame with teeth on all four sides for warping. The loom is made of pearwood, I believe. Paula also shared a new sampler she wove with pearl cotton (photo above – be sure to click on it to see detail).

Gerry brought another stack of inspirational books, such as Earth from the air.

Lou played a You-Tube video for us which describes James Kohler‘s favorite weft interlock technique. It was uploaded by Rebecca Mezoff (www.rebeccamezoff.com) who was a student and apprentice of James Koehler.

It was suggested that we plan to do a Tapestry program for the CHH February, 2014 meeting. Blaine will coordinate. Scharine is the Program Chair. And it was Scharine who asked about Moorman technique.

We decided to meet next on Sunday, May 19, 2:00pm. Gerry