Tapestry Study Group July Meeting

by | Jul 30, 2015

A quiet meeting of 4. We all are experimenting and weaving. We discussed quilting and yarns. Threads & Ewe is one source. Some fibers are put up as “jelly rolls” these days.

Blaine is just about to finish a colorful landscape with trees.
Blaine Tapestry with Trees
He’ll continue to work on the upright loom tapestry. He has also woven two long table runners for friends.

Blaine's Table Runners

Cathie is weaving more cuff bracelets with seed beads and will mount them on copper cuff bracelets.

Cathie's Cuff Bracelet Tapestry

Paula continues to study new techniques and perfect them. Her selvages are very straight and her motifs are crisp. Practice makes perfect.

Gerry has finished two baby blankets for relatives, and has warp on for another, perhaps for the sale.

Gerry's Huck Baby Blanket

From Gerry: I used the “Architectural Huck Lace” (brick fashion) draft that I wove for the Wow project this year for baby blankets. So, it’s a show and tell. I have more warp on the loom, so hope to make another one for the sale. It did shrink a lot due to the long floats in the pattern, but is still a good size(about 32 x 48). I wanted it to be useful beyond babyhood.. and one of the gals specified colors in her nursery which are not the normal baby colors.

Gerry's Brick Baby blanket

These are teal, tan and brick… in honor of the “brick” style huck lace design. So the kids can use these blankets for a long time as they’re not baby pink.

Next Tapestry Study Group meeting will be August 16 at Guild House, 2:00pm