Workshop: Painting with Wool Fiber and Fabric

Catherine O’Leary from Australia will present a workshop, Painting with Wool Fiber and Fabric, for the Felt Study Group on September 5-7, 2015 at the Guild House. The following is a description of the workshop:

The feltmaking workshop has two parts, in the first part we will be creating individual designs on fine silk fabric through the application of drawing, stenciling, mono printing and block printing. In the second part these fabrics will then be used to create nuno prefelts which will be incorporated into a garment or wall piece. The focus of the workshop will be on surface design and composition. All feltmaking levels are welcome.

There are three openings for the workshop and the cost is $188.00. Contact Barbara Kile at 713-668-1362 or [email protected] for more information or to sign up for the workshop.

Catherine O'Leary Felt 1

Catherine O'Leary Felt 2

Catherine O'Leary Felt 3

Catherine O'Leary Felt 4