Time to Share

by | Mar 24, 2016


From Charlene – Program Chair – The April Program will be an interactive program. This idea was suggested by one of our members and I could see the wonderful possibilities. Please bring a handwoven object or a fiber item – something you’ve made or one that someone else has made. We will break into groups to discuss these items and share their stories.

Here are some examples:

  • You wove something yourself (finished or not) – could be a structure you enjoyed, or materials that you found particularly interesting.
  • A purchased item that was woven by local artists or a utilitarian object made by a local person.
  • An item from your collection that a family member made that may or may not be unusual but you treasure it.
  • A specialized tool used in a fiber process – “can you guess what this is?”

We will each leave the meeting with new information, understand a new fiber technique, or learn to appreciate an object from an unfamiliar culture.

For questions, please contact Charlene. If you don’t want to bring an item, that is perfectly okay, just be sure to bring yourself!