by | Jun 22, 2016

Handwoven Magazine Editor Sarah H Jackson is teaching in Houston!

Color Confidence

February 17-19, 2017

Location: Guild House

COST $200 plus $40 supply fee

(includes pre-wound warp, 60 weft colors, notebook, color wheel and handouts)

Color is one of the most exciting components of weaving, and… learning to use colors confidently can be challenging. Mixing yarn colors doesn’t work like mixing colors with paint, and even experienced professionals with in-depth color knowledge are often surprised by color effects in woven cloth. In these workshops, participants will explore fresh ideas for developing color studies, learn how various weave structures impact color interaction, and understand how to effectively translate color combinations into woven cloth.

Students will explore color compositions, weave samples in 3 weave structures, and discover fresh ideas for effectively translating color combinations into woven cloth. This workshop is a combination of presentation, discussion, and weaving; it is not a round robin workshop. Students will complete the workshop with a greater understanding of how colors interact in woven cloth. They will know how to sample effectively and how to evaluate ideas for cloth using their sample color combinations. They will leave the workshop with woven samples and confidence in their own creativity. This workshop includes a pre-wound warp and a selection of over 60 colors of 8/2 cotton for weft.

For details on how to reserve your space in this workshop, please email Fern Handler.