Look what you missed …

September 18, 2017 web_weaver 0

Eight members of the Tapestry Study Group got together and dyed on Sunday at the Guild House. This is Blaine’s table full of yarn bundles just out of the steamer. These two photos above are […]


Earth, Air, Fire, and Water

March 18, 2017 web_weaver 0

Tapestry Study Group meeting on Sunday at the Guild House from 2 to 4 pm. For inspiration, please click on this link for a show by the American Tapestry Alliance.


Decisions, Decisions

October 24, 2016 Diane Ferguson 1

One of Joan Baxter’s teaching samples during the Tapestry Workshop this past weekend.  Tapestry weaving is a never ending series of decisions – theme, size, colors, set, yarn, shapes, etc.  Many of the participants were […]


Tapestry Study Group July Meeting

July 30, 2015 web_weaver 0

A quiet meeting of 4. We all are experimenting and weaving. We discussed quilting and yarns. Threads & Ewe is one source. Some fibers are put up as “jelly rolls” these days. Blaine is just […]


CHH Tapestry Exhibit at CHT

July 17, 2015 web_weaver 2

Gerry Woodhouse coordinated the CHH Tapestry Exhibit at the recent CHT Conference. Tapestry Study Group members contributed a variety of tapestry items to create a focused and informative exhibit. And Gerry captured some great photos […]


Tapestry Study Group April Minutes

April 21, 2015 web_weaver 1

Guest Post by Gerry Woodhouse Cathy, Celest, Gerry, Paula, and Scharine shared projects, and asked lots of questions. Celest has knitted slippers which are not yet sewn up. Beautiful, fine yarn with some interesting stripe […]


Tapestry Study Group Meeting

April 18, 2015 web_weaver 0

Gerry W. shared this: The Tapestry Study Group tries to keep an ongoing project on the tapestry loom at Guild House and it travels to some other locations to demonstrate tapestry weaving. This is the […]


CHH Tapestry Demo at MFAH

March 4, 2015 web_weaver 1

Guest Post: Gerry Woodhouse, CHH Tapestry Study Group Tapestry weavers will be demonstrating tapestry weaving at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston beginning Thursday, March 12 through Thursday March 19, from 1 to 4 pm. […]

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